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Monday, May 8, 2017

5 silly things every girl secretly admits doing

So straight away to the point. Here you go!

1) Tasting whiskey : Sometimes curiosity wins over rules or ideals set by family. Whether it is taking an innocent sip from Dad's bottle, or  trying it out with friends this one almost all of us have done. And have immediately felt disgusted by the taste of it.

2) Washing face with baby wash to get soft skin - Thanks to the advertisement explaining how soft baby skin really is, we have all wondered whether the baby soaps also deserve some credit. I remember using it regularly when I had my first kid just for the fun of it. Who knows it might work :)

3) Making blank/prank calls to that high school crush - Ok we all had our high school crush. Whether we shared it with our BFF or we kept it secretly hidden in our heart but the fact is we all had that guy in our life who skipped our heartbeat whenever we saw him. And we have all tried to play around with those feelings by having some fun. I personally don't understand even today why I did it but for sure it was fun!

4) Saying something stupid about your friend n then worrying that she will get to know - The first part may not be a secret. But the second one is for sure. We girls tend to speak so much that sometimes we say things we weren't supposed to, half of the time we don't even mean them as we are just trying to either be a part of conversation or sympathizing with someone. But when we recall we do worry if the message will get over. That's why girls have so much drama in their friendships. I am sure some of us our not proud of it and may just deny we id something wrong in first place.

5) Not going out so as to avoid choosing what to wear - Girls are lazy too. Plus we have so many different types of clothes for different places. Not to forget other thoughts like "oh, my hair are so messy", "oh, my legs need some shaving...", "I am not in a mood to do all that just to go out somehwere". Sometimes we are glad to sit at home n chill.

If you think you have some more secrets which you can share with us do put your comments here. Also share the article to see if your friends have same secrets too :p

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