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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9 different things to do with BFF

Isn't having BFF one of the best thing in the world. But who do you call a BFF? And what do we do with them that makes them so special? Here I composed a list of things... do let me know what else you do in the comments section

1) Who's who - Well, may be its called gossip or may be its just being up to date. But discussing who's who with your friend is surely some time well spent.

2) Discuss cosmetics - Well that's no surprise. There are tremendous number of cosmetics available in the market. One cannot try 100 mascaras to know which one is best. So here comes BFF to the rescue. She will tell you the nest mascara, best lipstick and best compact. Plus she knows your skin type so will give personalized tips too ;)

3) Wine Sisters - She will be your wine sister. Its always important to have a wine sister, its like a sacred bond you share with that other girl. You have some deep conversations (pun intended) which only you two understand. Moreover you don't want to be alone when laughing loudly on a joke or dancing on the dance stage.

4) Plan trips - You can plan trips with her. I usually plan trips with my BFF on which I can never go. Once my friend told me she just wants to leave the world and go on mountains alone. I said I want same but we will stay alone together. We planned everything even though we knew we couldn't go but it felt great.

5) Share deepest secret - Or should I say share your darkest secret. Things you wont normally tell people for many reasons - they are embarrassing, people may judge you for being bad or fool.

6) Discuss boys - All men think we discuss them. Well its not completely false we do discuss them once in a while. Another way of knowing the girl we are with is totally compatible with our likes and dislikes :)

7) Share common tips - There's so much to share with your girl friend. And you know she is listening to your nonsense and will not just take it seriously but will give some advice too as she has gone through the same. You love her because she doesn't think your worries are baseless or based on your monthly cycle.

8) Watch movies - Some movies are fun watching only with your girl besties. You have same choices, you oohh and aahh on same scenes and you can even cry without embarrassment because she may be doing the same.

9) Plan more dates - And then you plan more dates with her so that the good times continue...

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