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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

India and Indians ...

While I was reading the articles about moving back to India, I saw so many points why one shouldn’t do it - environment pollution, infrastructure, inflation, poverty, non professionalism, and so on. There was so much and so many that although I do agree with them but still I got  a bit angry and saddened by those remarks. So few thoughts popped up my mind....

I ask myself “Who builds nations?” and I get the answer “people”. Am I wrong here? May be it should be the government. But how can a governing body build a nation? They can just govern! It’s same like in our offices. Our management and governing body doesn’t build the company. Company is built by the employees… we are the ones who work hard and build it. And what will happen to the company if we start complaining? and then we stop working because we are so angry with them… and we just complain? I think we know the answer - the company will slowly shut down!

I am afraid the same is happening with our country. If I see progress of India, lets say, after independence, we achieved a lot, its not hard to tell … and then we were born… we studied... we day dreamed… and then we faced the reality and compared it with others in developed nations... we got annoyed of why we didn’t had all those and instead of continuing the hard work… we started complaining. The more we knew how better we could have been, the more we complained!

When I was in India, I didn’t care that I didn’t knew how to swim or play guitar when I was in school.   But when I came here and saw kids doing it, I felt bad for myself and started complaining that India doesn’t provide all these facilities... how convenient!

But when I see my dad back there, I see a man who still cares. He doesn’t complain… of course he gets mad about the traffic jams. But he knows that after few months when the construction will be over and flyover will be up it will ease the traffic. May be he has seen how the nation has developed. He has gone through inflation too, faced some “real” difficult times, and has seen many good and bad ministers. But he still makes it a point that the road outside his house is clean. He doesn’t need to wait for a “swatch bharat abhiyaan” to tell him to live in a clean environment. If he knows municipality guy will not take responsibility to clean it, he will hire labor, or will ask domestic helper or will even clean it himself. He is angry sometimes of course… but not frustrated. He and many dads out there have built the nation and are doing so even today!
And we the “more” educated ones, we see, we discuss, and we complain - Facebook, Twitter, Quora - so many places are there to vent out our frustration… Shouldn’t we too try to apply our knowledge and skills to bring out change… indeed we can continue complaining - its fun, its easy and it is the first step to identifying problem… but lets not stop here… lets keep building the nation!

We know we can do it from inside or outside of India. We are intelligent people facing challenging situations and fierce competition daily. We know we just need to add it to our list of “goals” we have set for the upcoming years, and we will achieve it. We know we just need to find a little time in our busy schedule and “do” something to bring a change… If we have time to update social networking sites I am sure we have time to think about how we can help India become a better nation. We are Indians after all  “Once we set our minds on something we will for sure achieve it”

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