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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How do we really empower women

Last time I wrote about “What is women empowerment?”. So we all know and at some level understand the problem of women (when it comes to empowerment). And all the stories or, in some cases, hyperboles doing rounds of social networking sites have forced us to really think about the matter and we want to do something about it? But what should we do apart from re-posting or sharing the status update/tweet?

May be we can keep it in our To Do list of Social work need to be done after retirement or during career break. But then there are already so many important causes to fight for – malnutrition, save the planet, basic education for kids and so on. Yet still it’s hard to ignore the matter as deep down we know the problem exists. Almost all of us have seen something similar happen in our house with our mom, sister, aunt, friends, helpers. So here below I give few pointers which we can start doing from now at our homes without disrupting our day to day activities.

Before reading the “how tos” it would be good to remember few things – Women are emotional A woman can bear huge pain but small day to day things matter them. So the points below may feel too small or unworthy to you but they actually matter to her. If you still have doubts it wont hurt to apply them and see for yourself. Also these how tos are not just for men, women are equally responsible – look around you – your sister-in-law, mother-in-law, sister, mom, helpers – respect all women and you will get it back.

1)      Hear her - Include the women in your house in important decision making. No one is asking to take their word as final. Most of the times women just want to be heard. If you don’t agree don’t just shun the point. Give her valid reasons and she will be happy.

2)      Ask her opinion – especially when it comes to matters related to her. Which study course she wants to take, whether she wants to learn cooking, whether she wants to get married.

3)      Protect her – I don’t mean just physically. Most men are very good at that. I mean emotionally protect her. If you feel some decision will hurt her sentiments or she should be a part of it then speak for her. Nobody asks to put up a fight but trying to be diplomatic won't hurt.

Another scenario is if someone is pointing about her dressing sense or the way she carries herself the least you can do is ignore the comments, even better would be to reply back to the commenter but in social circles as we all know its not always possible. People always talk.. But before preaching her about the same, make sure you too feel its wrong and have valid reasons.

4)      Spend “quality” time with her – Especially for spouses living with families (parents, kids, grand parents). After busy and hectic working day its difficult to take out time for everyone. But spending quality time with your spouse will actually lessen your stress and make you two feel more connected.

5) Care for her - Caring can be done by as simple gesture as asking what she would like to eat for dinner one day in a week. Or when your mum asks you about your opinion you ask your sister too. Care can be shown in simplest of acts. You will be surprised that some of your actions may bring tears in her eyes.

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