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Monday, May 8, 2017

What is microwave used for ?

So you have a microwave and you are wondering what else you can do with it? Well we have a whole list of things just for you:-

1) To warm Tea/Coffee -  After becoming mother this is one thing for which I cannot thank my micro more. Reason, I guess all moms know, as soon as my tea is ready something will come up with my baby which I always takes a priority. And I don't like drinking cold tea or drinking 4 cups of tea just to get the 5th one hot. So tadaaa... just re-heat the cup in micro for 20 seconds and its done!

2) Warming cooked food - We all know this use. The only thing we need to remember is to stir the vegetable or curry in between so that it heats up properly from all the places. Microwave heats up food through waves so if not stirred the food can be hot from some places and cool from other.

3) Cooking rice - Third most useful thing is cooking rice in microwave. As I am still not sure about the negative effects of using Plastic for cooking I go with Ceramic bowl. Its easy to cook and serve, moreover I don't need to rush to stir or lower the gas.

4) Making cake - I love making cakes. In my pre-oven days I used micro a lot to make cakes. There are some very easy recipes over the internet. My simple egg-less cake is always a win win.

5) Making idlis - After 2 years of struggling with cooker to make idlis and then feeling sad about all the mess and no food to eat, I gave up making idlis and turned to uttapam. But then I saw an online post about making idlis in micro. Its not just easy but pretty quick too. It takes only 2 minutes to make 8 idlis!

6) Occasional cooking - I do sometimes cook some vegetables using Micro. Although it is not as convenient as I am used to normal cooking but its definitely a change of taste. Try it when you want to do something new in your kitchen.

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