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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Twelve great Toys for kids

We have so many options these days for everything. When it comes to our kids we want to buy the best ones but it is also a fact that the best ones are expensive and you will never know whether your kid will even play with it or just dump it after 2 minutes.

So here is the list of top 10 toys which your kid will definitely love and you can go ahead and buy it for sure.
  1. Mobiles - Cot mobiles, suitable for age 0-6 months, are a great way to engage little ones while you are finishing some household activity or watching your favorite show. The sound is pleasing and your little one will get some good exercise which will help him build his leg and arm muscles.
  2. Teethers - Teethers come in various designs. I myself had them in different sizes but my son never used to take them until he was 6 months old. After that he started playing often with almost all of them.
  3. Night lamp Projector - Although a very nice toy, few people have this however almost everyone has heard about it. The reasons I generally get to know is that toy shops don't have it. Luckily, I got one easily. This toy is used during night time, an image of Cartoon characters rotates on the roof (through laser light) and a light pleasant music is played. The purpose of this toy is that your baby will sleep himself while looking at the images. And yes it really worked for me :)
  4. Caution - Please take care that the laser light should not directly go inside eyes of your baby or his elder sibling. As any other laser light it can harm the eyes.  

    From 6 months onwards you can also play following...

  5. Balls - I love the kids' ball pool, not for the pool but for the 100 balls that we get with them. Of course we can buy the balls alone too. They are light-weight, colorful and so many. You can make n number of games out of these.
  6. Balloons - This one is also one of my and my kid's favorites. Whenever we are bored from our usual toys, we blow up a balloon and run around the house kicking it and laughing loud.
  7. Stacking cups - They look like in figure below. My little one played most with this toy. He loved stacking them and then smashing them on the floor I even used to carry it whenever I went overseas as it doesn't occupy too much space.

  8. After your little one is 1 year old try playing these games...

  9. Kitchen set - Well we have a lot of variety in this and as all babies see their mommy or granny working in the kitchen they love to have their own kitchen set and make some tea for the family.
  10. Soft toys - Although not all kids enjoy playing with them (mine never looked at them into 18 months), but soft toys and soft kids go hand in hand. It's like a symbol that you have baby at home. And they are great to pretend n play group games like teaching. 
  11. Tent - Kids love to have their own tent. Of course no need to buy a beach tent. Kids tent are usually smaller, lighter in weight and cheaper as compared. You can easily place them inside your living room, or any other place in house. My nieces used to take all house cushions inside the tent and also used to invite us inside their tent house ;)

  12. From 18 months onwards add these to your to do list...
  13. Drums - Take out the musician from inside you and your baby and play some loud music and rap a song or even a rhyme.
  14. Blocks - Blocks, like Lego, are great fun to play plus they help kids to develop their motor skills. Even though my kid couldn't construct them when I first introduced him to blocks, he always loved to break the ones I made.

  15. Blackboard - So who doesn't want to pretend n play Teacher Teacher. I never expected my little one to like it too much and bought it just to see his reaction, but he went crazy for it and I had to sometimes hide it as well. Now after few days he is normal but always likes to teach me and others in the house :)


  1. Good pointers here. Agree on cot mobiles and projectors for babies. My lil one enjoyed her mobile with projector till 8 months.