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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Common worries during Pregnancy

So you are going through that phase of your life which many have described as the most important phase of a woman's life... Needless to say you are experiencing a very different set of emotions. And you have a hell lot of questions in your mind. Well, worrying is a natural part of being a mother. From now on you will be always (happily) worried about your baby. Welcome to motherhood!!

Although it is natural to be worried but do remember that this is indeed a very beautiful phase of your life. Moreover what and how you feel it gets transmitted to your baby. Below I have summarized some of the common questions we all (or most of us) think about and also some indicators of when you should see your doctor.

  • What should I eat or not eat - When it comes to eating during pregnancy every community has some good and bad defined. Some say No to caffeine, some say no to papaya, some say eat olives more and so on. As far as I have observed pregnancy is such a naturally managed thing that a pregnant woman will herself develop aversions from all the bad stuff. As a general suggestion we can eat everything in moderation. You can try to avoid caffeine (it is present in cold drinks also) and junk food but once in a while, especially if you are craving then you can safely go ahead. You can also try to avoid food that cause constipation or stomach gas because although harmless but if you get stomach ache you will not know the reason.
  • Can I smoke - I think you already know the answer somewhere in your heart. Smoking is a big No during pregnancy. It may have some serious side effects on the baby or the mother.
  • Can I drink wine - Well this is a tricky question. Some people say occasional wine is fine. By occasional i mean once in a month. For some its a big No for wine too. I personally dont recommend as any amount of alcohol going inside the body may be harmful for the fetus. But still if you want I would suggest to ask your doctor and follow his recommendation
  • Can I put on makeup - All makeup these days have lead and other chemicals in them. But again nothing has been proven yet. So again it depends on you, if you are used to putting on makeup and would feel dull otherwise can put on little mascara, liner and lipstick. The good thing is anyways during pregnancy your skin is glowing with the healthy nutrition supply.
  • Can I take medicines - Self - medication are not recommended during pregnancy. So if you have headache, tooth ache, back ache or any other health issue please see your doctor before taking anything. Even for home remedies please consult someone elderly in your family as not all of them are recommended during pregnancy.
  • Should I do some exercise - Yes of course. In fact some mild exercise will be good during this time. But no need to take pressure, if you are too tired or dont get time little walks daily would also be enough. If you want to explore your exercise options during pregnancy you can see this site.
  • What if I have caeserian - Normally we all avoid caesarian (or c-section) unless we already had one and voluntarily opt for it. But if you want a normal delivery and your doctor has started giving you hints that you may need to go for caesarian that Ok too. with advanced technology and research in this area these days caesarian are not that risky. In fact doctors go for it only to keep mothers and kids safe.
  • Am I putting on too much weight - Yes you are. Should I be worried - No not at all. The average weight a woman puts on during pregnancy is 12 Kgs. But if you are eating healthy and drinking water regularly then there is no need to be worried even if you are putting more than that. In most of the cases it is water retention. If at all it is a concern then your doctor will suggest you some diet changes. but again worrying will only add on to your weight (remember same thing happens in pre-pregnancy time). So stop worrying and bring back that smile on your face.
  • Can I go on vacation - Yes you can go but make sure it is relaxing one and not hectic. Your body is already doing a lot of hard work so dont do too many activities that will exhaust you more. Do talk to your doctor about your plans and if you need to take some precautions/medicines. Normally the safest period is 2nd trimester of your pregnancy.
When Should I see the doctor?
  • If you see any drop of blood when you pee.
  • If you get stomach discomfort
  • If you have stopped feeling baby movements from long time
  • If your water breaks/leaks
  • If you sense something is not right - Trust your intuition and if you feel something is not right then dont hesitate to see your doctor.
Hope this article helped you in some way. Have a happy and safe pregnancy!

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