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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lets play with Kids Daddy

Who doesn't want to play with kids.... It is the best and most enjoyable way of bonding with the little ones.. For some people it comes so naturally but for others its a complicated science. Here below I am sharing some tips.. feel free to try them and be innovative to twist them a bit

Kids 0-6 months
  • Singing - Yes, babies love to listen to music and their favourite singers are Mom and Dad, whose voices they have heard even in the womb. Caution! :) depending on their taste they may like you doing rock, pop or classic. And if you feel stupid doing it in front of others then spend some time with the baby alone and enjoy! Feel free to try all.
  • Take out - Yes daddy, however modern we become some basic things will remain unchanged and one of them will be daddy taking kids out for a walk. So next time you go to grocery store to buy milk, use this as an opportunity to bond with your kid. You will be surprised to see the quick results.
  • Pretend fights and punches - Dads are the tough guys. So don't hesitate to show your superman side to your kid by doing some fake punches and pretending being hurt when your kid reciprocates. You will love the giggles!
  • Dance - Almost all kids love to dance. Just play some music and dance around with your kid. You can also carry your kid and try ball dance.
  • Cuddles - Its not just mommy who is supposed to give all the cuddles. Daddy can too cuddle and ask/give a kiss and hug.
  • Make funny noises - I dont know what makes my little one laugh so much when every time my husband does it. But it works very well. You can also jump around and do some funny actions.
  • Balloons - No matter what the age is...all kids love balloons. And there is more than one way to play with them. So there you are...
Kids 6-12 months
In addition to above ones now that your baby is little grown up you can also do following activities..
  • Play with ball - Every kid loves to play with ball irrespective of gender. Teach your little one how to kick the ball and you will be surprised how less time it takes to master this skill.
  • Swimming - Go to the nearby pool and take your little one along to swim with you. Babies love swimming a lot but keep it for short duration. The added benefit is they will be tired and sleep for a while so you can get some alone time with your spouse :)

Kids 12-18 months
In addition to above ones you can also do following activities now..
  • Listen - Once your kid starts expressing himself either by blabbering or pointing at things, try to listen to him and understand what he is saying rather than asking your wife to do that. By this time you already know that kids are very intelligent and will trust you more if they know you too understand them.
  • Camping - Lets do some camping. You don't need to go to the beach or park every time. Camping can be fun even in the living room. So grab the cushions, some stuff toys and balls and get inside the tent.
  • Play in sand - Evening fun at beach side. Yes try making that sand castle of your own. Dont hesitate to buy some toys to help you do that. Your little one will be excited and proud of you for your hard work :)

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