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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What is Meditation?

While in college I used to read my Sunday horoscope daily and almost always the last line used to be "You should meditate". And I used to think Ok that sounds cool but how to do it? Should I sit straight and close my eyes and try to think about nothing? But that's very hard and I give up after a minute; or should I chant "Ommmm"?

Now after some years, few sessions, few readings and lot of Meditation I know how to do "it". I thought there may be other people like me who want to Meditate but just dont know how to do it. Before we continue on how to do it let me make one thing clear - Meditation is not religious thing. It is trying to know one's own self, trying to understand what is going within us and trying to see the bigger picture.

To do meditation you can follow these steps:
1) Sit in a room with dim light. You can lie down but sitting is better as while lying down it is easier to drift to sleep.
2) Relax your body - your feet, your thighs, your hands, your shoulders, your back, your eyes, your forehead.
3) Take 10 deep breaths. Try to focus on the air as you breathe-in and breathe-out.
4) Now as the thoughts come try to listen to each voice within you - one-by-one.
5) Try to talk to that voice. May be its your angry voice, may be it scared, may be its confused.. Just try to listen to them. If you have answers, say them if you dont just listen. (This session can take from 5 to 15 minutes)
6) Once you have heard all the voices try to imagine the big picture. Imagine you rising to the roof and looking down at yourself. What you see? Where do you stand in the universe? What is the purpose of your existence? (This session can take 3-10 minutes)
7) Now slowly open your eyes.

When you are doing this session 1st time, it may be a little difficult to do, especially talking to the inner voices. But little patience and it will be okay.

There are many other forms of meditation (first 3 steps being the same). You can see them beautifully written here at yoga journal site.

If you liked it or want something more related to this topic, please leave your comments in the comment section.

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