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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A woman's thoughts

Once in a while when I am travelling in my way to office or just feeling low, I start pondering “Where am I going?” Is this what I signed for? My job like everyone else’s has been quite tough. I have travelled a very rough road with many speed bumps and pot holes. Sometimes have also stumbled down and hurt myself. But then don’t know how gathered the remaining strength and moved on.

I am sure many people, especially the females, feel the same way. All of us at some point of time have compromised their career, likes and aspirations to take care of those around them. Someone might argue that this is the path we chose - to work or to be a housewife. We knew from beginning, that out of both the partners, one has to focus on house and kids. And given a chance, we still would like to take the household responsibility because deep inside that is what gives us self-satisfaction. If you don't agree imagine your kitchen after your husband cooked for you or the room after he changed baby's clothes. Now look at yourself seeing him doing all this work. :) :)

However, somewhere in-between finding the work-life balance, we feel exhausted. We continuously feel the pressure of being left behind when our co-workers get promoted just because they can stay late than usual working hours. To worsen it we feel guilt of not being able to give full time and support to kids. Even the simplest thing as eating dinner out coz we were too tired to cook adds on little guilt. And its not just the working women, the ones at home are not happy either. They have to continuously convince themselves that just because they are not earning doesn't make them any lesser. 

Well this post is not about work-life balance or any time management skills. This is just to say that you are not alone. And we do understand the tough daily routine job you have to go through. So relax and enjoy the busyness of life, as these days will not come back.

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Ohh and the flower (above) in this article for you to make you realise how beautiful you are :)


  1. agree with you Esha, A women needs lots of strength and patients to handle with every situation.

  2. do agree with you esha
    but over the period of time you'll realise you alone kept killing yourself feeling guilty for no good reason......hahaha

  3. You are so very right, Esha! We women do get exhausted fulfilling all the roles that life throws at us. The choices that we make also leave us dissatisfied as neither are we happy being at work all the time nor are we happy (most of us) being a homemaker. So, as you rightly said, we should just chill and take each day as it comes :)

  4. Yes Neha Di .. no reason to feel guilty after doing so much..
    Thanks Anitha :) I am glad you liked it..