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Monday, October 1, 2012

Smiling at the little workers

Just read about two great actress who went through a lot in their childhood days - separation of parents, negligence of father, financial trouble.  All this eventually led them to start working in their teens. Even though both are now famous and known for their strength, but they faced a lot of challenges at a young age and this in time made them bitter.

Its not just these two, we know there are so many children out there who follow this fate and somehow lose their innocence. We can easily find them at tea stalls, highway dhabba, at garages, on streets either begging or selling something, at sabzi mandis (vegetable market), in our own houses as maids and as reported by news channels in big factories too.

While government and NGOs have made some efforts in trying to educate them, providing facilities isn't just enough. Many of these kids are working not just because they have to but because they have no other choice. They are trying to earn bread and butter for their family. No matter what facilities they are given with they will still do these jobs. Unless they keep getting salary for studying, which no government or organization might do. I think if I were in their place I would do the same for my family.

But its not the lack of education which bothered me, its the harsh cruelty of their fate that forced me to think about them. Even though these kids are working at their own will, does that mean their wish to play in the ground or eat chocolate has ended? Just because they are young their owners will ask them to work more for same wages? Just because they are too scared to raise their voice anyone can yell at them for no reason? And if they go through all this wouldn't they become rude and have this bitterness in their hearts for the whole world? Isn't it sad?

Sitting here at home I cant do anything, I cant change these kids fate, I cant even make sure they go to school, I cant feed their families but I can make all these things easier for them. I can be nice to them, I can smile at them, I can offer them a chocolate or ice-cream, I can buy something from them even if I don't want it, I can forgive their small mistakes, I can show them that I know they are human too.

Can you do this too? 


  1. Yes I do this... :)

    I liked your diary and thoughts..
    Missing you.. :(

  2. Thanks :) .. miss u too dear.. a lot..