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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Refreshing Family Vacation

Holidays are no doubt refreshing. They may be as long as a whole month or just a couple of days but we all look forward to them. And the best thing we can always combine them with a weekend to extend them further. Even better if we plan a getaway.

Recently I had a wonderful experience of spending holiday time with my family. A perfect getaway - air filled with excitement, itinerary plans, tour guide books all around, kids running everywhere, swimming at the beach and in the pool, lazily lying at one corner, clicking photographs, finding some good food that is new to taste and still enjoyable, and lots n lots of other stuff...

Even though vacation with anyone and everyone is enjoyable (provided you are in the same financial slab ;)), there are other advantages of going with family. When you are with family its a whole different environment... it actually breaks you from the normal routine.. And the feeling of meeting the loved ones again doubles the excitement. We get to share so much, and realize that life can be viewed from so many different angles. Not to forget when we are from the same family we have similar tastes, likes, dislikes and there's so much history. 

While on this trip I did so many new things which I would not have done otherwise during my vacation. Some I did just because I wanted to try them and the others because I did not wanted to be the mood spoiler. And I will admit we all really enjoyed. 

So as the summers will approach soon, pack your bags and prepare yourself for that next family trip!

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