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Thursday, November 6, 2014

At least one thing that we should learn from the West!

By title I don't mean I am a big western culture fan. I don’t mean I don’t wear Jeans or skirts either;) but I believe Asian culture of family, love and relationship is more strong than Western. Again I know some people may disagree or agree differently but it is purely my thinking and is also affirmed by seeing the current trends. However I prefer to keep an open mind and welcome your comments/remarks.

Anyways, this article is not about discussing which one is better. In fact it is about adopting something which we lack or missed during our struggles for progress. And the word is – hobby. Yes hobby. We have invested so much time and money in educating our generations that we somehow forgot this part or consider it useless. I am not saying that it is a fault. It takes a lot of hard work, courage and determination to bring up a family and ensure that their future is secure. But it is time to realize that other aspects of life are also important. And I am not talking about only our kids. I am talking about YOU. When was the last time you invested sometime in your favorite hobby? Or may be, what is your favorite hobby? Why is it that a boy or a girl who used to play sports during college, stops even remotely connecting to that same activity once he or she lands into a job or gets married. We all know we don’t have time and also that “time is money”. And of course it is not worth spending time and money on learning guitar lessons if your dream is to be a business consultant. And what is the use of playing football every weekend if you are not getting any money or fame out of it?
But doesn’t indulging in hobby make us happy and content and satisfied? Isn’t it the hidden aim of life?

I can see many people in Western countries jogging on the roadside, children doing weird stunts on skates, people reading books, volunteering themselves for elderly care and free teaching and so on. But the percentage of such people seems very less here. Also the percentage seems limited to a particular age group. and I think here is the opportunity for us to be motivated by our western brothers and do something nice for us. So lets stop keep admiring Hollywood stars – Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and try to indulge in our hobbies and stay happy and content..

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Hobbies also "teach us" in addition to the health benefits. Sports teach us team work, commitment to schedules and to put a common goal before our own personal ones. Music needs us to concentrate on each and every note, helps in academic development and many other advantages which can be found here. Swimming relaxes body and mind and is an excellent exercise especially for asthma (worth mentioning as number of asthmatic people is on rise) 

If you want to share your hobby and how it helped you OR you want to discuss the difficulties you face please leave a comment below. We would love to know. (please note if you face difficulty in leaving comment let me know at or report it to Google Blogger).

P.S – To all my dear friends please don’t count watching TV or playing candy crush as hobby :)


  1. Great topic and a good take on the need for hobbies.

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