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Thursday, October 30, 2014

What size are you - Small, Medium, Large or Extraa Large?

Today when I was walking past I met an old friend who asked whether I had lunch. I politely replied no I am fasting. And to my surprise the conversation went like this:
He – “Oh ok is it to loose weight?”
Me – “No, I am not fat!”
He – “Ok Accepted. No arguments”
Me – “Yes I am not fat! ”

And we waived goodbye. But my mind wandered over the thought for some more time – Am I fat? Why he said -Accepted. No arguments? Doesn’t he have eyes? Am I really fat? What size do I buy when I go shopping? See I buy medium.. very rarely Large” and then something stuck my mind... Whenever we go for shopping we look at the size and they are something like small, medium, large, extral large and so on… Isn’t it enough to shake the confidence of anyone? For instance lets imagine a sweet confident girl Su. Lets assume Su is curvy but generally she doesn’t care about some extra weight as everyone around says that we should love our body as it is. One fine morning Su gets up and decides to go for some shopping. She struggles for a while to find a dress which suits her best and doesn’t inappropriately show her assets. She cheers herself up by thinking anyways she is going for shopping. And then with a smile on her face reaches the malls. There she finds a very nice top and decides to try it on and looks for the size – Large…ugghhh…XL…aghh ok let me try both n see where I fit. After few minutes she concludes that yes she is EXTRA LARGE. She ignores it and moves on to find another dress and meets her friend Ria. Ria looks at the dress in her hand and points out – “wouldn’t it be too inappropriate, I mean it is sleeveless and abut short... Oh I mean you can buy something better..” Su politely agrees and leaves the dress. What is the use of buying a dress in which she feels she is beautiful but all others don’t. And anyways she is EXTRA large in size so everything will look "inappropriate" . So you see how easily and bitterly the shopping trip told Su the reality. 

But isn’t it wrong that the cloth designing companies define the sizes for us? And please note that there is no “PERFECT” size. So you are either small :(, Medium (ok, but still not good), large :( or XL or XXL :'( And to add some brands don’t even sell sizes above XL. I prefer the numbering system over it. For instance I am either 8, 12, or 20. Its no one’s business to tell me if I am small or large.. I am either 8 or 20 and I don’t care. I don’t need to be reminded about my size everytime I go shopping specially now that retail therapy is gaining popularity.

As for the caring friend Ria.. I think we don't realize how we sometimes hurt our friend’s feelings. Personally I think everyone should have right to wear and look how they want. A person knows what will and what will not suit their big or small assets. So lets not try to be fashion police or whatever unless explicitly asked!

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