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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lets play with kids for Mommies

For a woman playing with a kid is such a natural expression that people take it "obvious". Indeed for some of them it is really obvious but for some others it is a difficult task. So, apart from the usual games like peek-a-boo, tickling, singing rhymes, being monster mommy, which all women already know; I present a list of other ways of playing with your little one.
  • Dancing - This one is both easy and fun and you don't need to care about the steps. Kids love to dance around and have some giggles. And if you feel stupid then it can be you and your little one's first secret.

  • Kitchen time - You don't need to buy a kitchen set for this. While working in kitchen try giving your little one some small plates, spoon, some safe ingredients and if he is old enough a butter knife. Enjoy the treat!

  • Hide and seek - Well time to relive your childhood memories. Hide behind the curtains, chairs, doors and ask your baby to find you. And to add to fun make a loud sound when he does find you.

  • Ball - Who said only dads can play with ball. And there is more than one way. For instance you can throw the ball on the wall and laugh loud when you are not able to catch it. Or, you can try to do juggling.

  • Cycling - This one will be a fun outdoor activity plus you will do some good exercise. My kid never wants to get off cycle, no matter how much time we already spent.

  • Painting - You may think your kid is still little but he wont disappoint you if you give him some paints and a plain sheet. Try experimenting with him by making use of fingers. Also make sure the clothes you both are wearing are not new. If you are worried that the colors will go in his mouth instead of sheet then wait for a couple of months. You can also try giving him paints specifically for kids.

  • Colors - Ok you are tired of the household chores and don't want to cleanup everything after painting, then comes colors to the rescue. You and your little one both will love to do some coloring. 

  • Drawing - You liked both painting and coloring ideas but you don't have the colors and you ant to do something right now. No worries give your little one a pen/pencil and a paper. Kids never mind and with this one they can surely play for an hour (of course with regular intervals of attention and appreciation)

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