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Monday, March 16, 2015

One day to pamper yourself !!!

So you want to look beautiful for that big date and you have got some time to pamper yourself. You will find in this article few tips to prepare yourself from head to toe.

When it comes to taking care of one's skin and hair, personally I believe in going with natural elements rather than cosmetic. By natural I mean nature-al and not the natural cosmetics. If you do these below steps you will see that you may not need to use cosmetics at all while getting ready...

This article will guide you step-by step how to get ready for that outing. Feel free to customize it as per your wish!

Good Morning - Wake up at 6:45 AM

7:00AM to 7:30AM - Start the day with some yoga. I specifically say yoga because it tones your body and makes you feel flexible and sexy. Always remember to do some warm up before doing the tough asanas (positions). If you are more concerned about belly fat then you can try surya namaskar  (you can start with 5 times a day). Although one day wont help a lot but it will still tone little your stomach muscles. Actually if you start doing surya namaskar even 7 days before you can see results. Here you will find a very good and organized site for yoga asanas

7:30AM to 8:00AM - Meditation. Its not a secret anymore that stress ruins your hair quality, your skin and your mood. Although this is an optional step it will be good to release some stress before you go ahead with other things. One simple form of meditation is to sit with your eyes closed and relax your hand and feet and then your entire body. Take 10 deep breaths. Whatever thoughts are coming let them come. Feel the air as you breathe. Now address all the feelings one-by-one. Just listen to them. You can keep doing this until you have heard all your thoughts. Now try to sit calm for 5 more minutes. Try to see yourself as a part of universe and see the bigger picture. Once done you can slowly open your eyes. Sometimes if you enter deep trance when you open your eyes your head may feel heavy but it is okay. You will feel much lighter later on.  For details about meditation you can see my this blog or for details refer this great site.

8:15AM to 9:15 AM - Home facial - You can of course always go to saloon and get a facial. But in case you want to do it yourself here are simple steps on how to do it. I dont know why but I find home facials more effective then the parlour ones. For all the below steps if you need to rub your face please do it in circular motion upwards to avoid wrinkles.
  • Start with cleansing your face and applying toner after
  • Next scrub your face for at least 2 minutes or as guided on the product. Wash your face with normal water.
  • You can opt to take steam - for this put your face over a pan of boiled water so that the steam touches your face. You can cover your head with a towel to make sure that the steam doesn't escape.
  • Now take a black head remover and try to remove the black or white heads. They are more prominent near the t-section of your face.
  • Now take the facial cream and apply it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes or as directed on the product. Also soak 2 cotton balls in rose water and put it on your eyes.
  • After that you can remove it with a clean wet sponge and wash your face.

9:15 - 9:45 - Hair Spa - Everyone knows beautiful hair add to great looks but still somehow we tend not to take care of them. To make your hair loom shiny and strong you can apply egg white or yoghurt on your hair and leave them for 15 minutes. Then wash your hair with your regular shampoo. This may be a bit messy but its worth it!

Afternoon/evening time - As you may already be tired by now whenever you get free time you can do pedicure and/or menicure. Please make sure you have removed your nail polish before starting. Take some warm water mixed with shampoo. Play your favourite movie and sit with your feet soaked in it. Before sitting please take moisturiser, socks, towel, foot scrub and your pedicure set (I usually take just the filer to clean my nails and file them). While enjoying your movie you can simply take one feet at a time, scrub them, clean your nail cuticles and file your nails while putting back your feet in water. After around 20 minutes you can wipe your feet with towel and apply moisturizer. Please wear socks to make sure you don't dirty them immediately.

All the best and Have a great day !!!

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