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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moving to a new city

Travelling these days is a common affair. Almost everyone of us has moved to a new city once in his lifetime. The reason can be any - further studies, new job, better career opportunity, marriage etc. No matter what the reason, the emotional waves we feel are similar.

There's excitement about what the new place will be like. Loads of questions ... Is it really happening? Will those people like me? Will I get good food? Is the Internet speed really great? Will I find good friends/roommates? How much will I save? Is the water really this blue ;) ? And so on…

Then there is this equally strong but opposite set of feelings – the insecurity, homesickness, desire to run away. After all it's not easy to leave one’s family, friends, daily hangout places and favorite food outlets. Of course for some lucky ones this feeling is not too strong.

This storm within ones heart does not end after landing to the new place. It stays there, somewhere deep inside and comes out only when we are alone at night. And slowly we learn to adjust to this feeling. As they say time heals everything, we become accustomed to this feeling and try to find solace by reminding ourselves why we took the decision in first place. Thanks to technology, we can easily call our near and dear ones and these days even see

What we don’t realize is that life is teaching us a very important lesson – how to grow up. At every single step life adds a bit of maturity as a reward for our patience.

So to all those people who are still new and adjusting - Hang-on. And you will see for yourself that it was really not that difficult


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  1. Loved this post, Esha! You have articulated the feelings so very well. I could relate to it :)