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Friday, September 23, 2011

Latest Revelations

As my first post for this blog, I have too many thoughts to write down... So I am writing All of them... Don't know now but may be will create a part-2 also... Coz lately in my life there has been loads of revelations... and are very wide in nature... I will say may be the position of my stars is responsible for it.... Well...Yes, I am a religious person... and sometimes believe in the non-scientific things :)

Coming to the point...i guess it all started with my friend introducing me to the book "Many Lives Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss. It's a really good book about spirituality, life and death, reincarnation.... You can find its reviews on Goodreads here. The reason I think I got influenced by this book was because it helped answer so many questions in my mind which have been their since I was a child, like, Why people suffer? Why it happened to me? What happens after we die? Why does the same thing happen to me again n again? and so on... Well, I guess, one needs to read the book to actually understand it... One concept that became to me clear after reading it was "Meditation"

Yes, Meditation. This word always used to pop into my mind when I felt guilt after shouting or fighting with my loved ones. I knew I had to control my anger. But how? In my horoscope many times the last line used to come "You need to meditate". Its not like I believe in horoscopes, I read them for fun. But Meditation word used to strike me. And I tried once few years back, but didn't know how to do it. So this time I started Googling about it. And found a wonderful site for Yoga and Meditation - yogajournal. I tried Big Mind meditation, and to my amazement I started feeling its results in just 2-3 sessions. My friends even told me that I have become much happier (I know you might have read it 100 times but it is sooo true). Meditation also helped me to bring down my stress levels, as I was facing many problems because of it, which many of you might know.

Next thing which happened was cooking. Oh yes! I cook and I know I am a very good cook (not professional although!). I might not know lots of dishes, but the ones I cook, I am better than many :) and I am happy with that. So it all started when my dad gifted me a microwave. I love experimenting in kitchen, so i started googling new dishes, especially cakes and pizzas. However, I found many new and delicious ways of cooking old boring vegetables like baingan (eggplant) or arbi (Taro). I am fond of Mexican and Chinese food, so my next try would be one of that.
Banana muffins
Chocolate mousse and pan cakes


 Yes they both are home made :)

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